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Aiming To Spread Safety & Hygiene

Feminizy is founded by an ardent entrepreneur Rutvik Daxini. He firmly believes that every female that mensurates has a right to bleed with dignity. When he got the idea of Feminizy, he also imagined a powerful future where every person will exhibit kindness and equality giving utmost respect to each other’s vulnerability. To ensure that this dream comes true in the future, his first step was to introduce eco-friendly, safe, and most comfortable period hygiene products. He and his team dream together for a sustainable environment.

At Feminizy, our mission is to collaborate with all the females who get periods, so that they can become part of a safe and hygienic country. We are different because we promote the right education to the right community by driving conversations that stand as a question to the old and traditional cultural ethos. We want to ensure that every woman gets the right to informed decisions for their universal well-being. While designing each of our products, we kept it gentle, soft, skin-safe, and environment-friendly. We celebrate the power of femininity and are on a mission to break the taboos that lessen the overall beauty of a woman. A power that enables them not to settle for anything lesser than what they deserve.


Bringing Comfort, Safety, and Hygiene With Organic Period Products

Based on scientific innovations, we have designed each of our products that take utmost care of you and of the environment. We know the female hygiene problems in the world. And that is why we came into existence with innovative solutions that will end the problems someday and bring overall menstrual well-being to the nation.


Period Products That Attract Joy

We offer the country’s choicest period products like organic cotton sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. At Feminizy, we are highly committed to bringing premium quality period care products that are sustainable, eco-friendly, highly comfortable, and completely suit your modern personality. We take the ownership to create viable and authentic period pain solutions at the most inexpensive rates so that every female gets access to our range of products. We have crafted the products with great care and deep research.

Our Products

Sustainable Period Solutions For Lifetime

Don't be afraid of being a superwoman. We can make you feel powerful, confident, and amazing even when you bleed. We are Feminizy. Made For Women

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